This organisation is dedicated to the adoption of Bitcoin BCH as the first global peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

Note: Not to be confused with Bitcoin BTC which has become a settlement system and is considered "Bitcoin" in name only. Bitcoin BCH carries forward the whitepaper vision of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin BCH is designed from the outset to become the global electronic cash system.

North Queensland is the world's premier Bitcoin BCH destination. We are involved in many Bitcoin BCH related technologies, products and services. The pricipal project is the Raspberry Pi Terabyte Block Initaitive.


Raspberry Pi Terabyte Block Initiative

Our premise is simple, if a full node hosted on a Raspberry Pi4 can handle beyond the BCH traffic of today with significant further margin available, then we have potentially years of adoption margin to see us beyond the arrival of the next generation of Raspberry Pi which will do likewise. Moore's law ensures the generations of Raspberry Pi will always be available to provide a Bitcoin BCH Full node while maintaining the same price per node of today.


can deploy advanced double-spend fraud detection when using 0-conf (Vibration).

have a local copy of the UTXOs for the fastest verification of a transaction.

have the greatest flexibility with the design of a User Payment Experience (UPX).

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Bitcoin BCH CashBar

The CashBar project is rolling out to popular bars and restaurants in North Queensland. 


greatly increases the efficiency of an order-pay system.

merchant staff are not required to deal with money or enter payment amounts into a PoS terminal. This allows them to focus fully on customer service.

seemles, convenient customer experience.


Bitcoin BCH Only ATM's

Bitcoin BCH ATMs have been deployed.


portable with battery power and mobile internet connection.

no confusing multi-coin interface. Simply scan your receiving address, deposit the amount of fiat currency you want to sell and receive Bitcoin BCH!

unlike other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin BCH only costs a fraction of a cent to transact. Instantly receive Bitcoin BCH with no hidden transaction fees.