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The Dawn of Bitcoin Cash DeFi: AnyHedge and DeToken

Hayden Otto - 22 December 2020

The Dawn of Bitcoin Cash DeFi: AnyHedge and DeToken
Share: met with General Protocols and DeToken to discuss the dawn of Bitcoin Cash DeFi. Participants include: John Nieri, President of General Protocols. Johnathan Silverblood, Lead Developer at General Protocols. Marcel Chuo, Business Development manager at General Protocols. Semyon Germanovich, CEO of Detoken. Hayden Otto, CEO of

0:00 Introduction

1:29 General Protocols

3:04 DeToken

5:10 DeToken Features

7:45 The Purpose of AnyHedge

10:00 DeFi is a stepping stone

11:50 What is DeFi?

13:00 DeFi exchange benefits over traditional exchanges

16:48 A Universal Bitcoin Wallet

19:58 The Future of DeToken

23:03 DeToken User Experience

25:19 What is the difference between Ethereum DeFi and Bitcoin Cash DeFi?

29:36 Attacks on Ethereum DeFi contracts and how Bitcoin Cash averts this

32:57 Bitcoin Cash best suited for simple use cases

33:53 AnyHedge use cases

36:17 Pricing Bitcoin Cash in precious metals

38:38 Integrating AnyHedge into Bitcoin Cash wallets

39:47 Making finance tools accessible for everyone

43:06 The AnyHedge business model

45:50 Future protocols

48:32 Bitcoin Cash NFT’s

51:16 Bitcoin Cash infrastructure for app development

54:53 Bitcoin Cash smart contracts

58:22 The coming app development explosion

59:30 Price oracles

1:05:26 Conclusion

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