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Bitcoin Cash 3rd Anniversary

Hayden Otto

Bitcoin Cash 3rd Anniversary August 1st 2020

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents are celebrating the third anniversary of the chain split that took place three years ago on August 1st. The peer-to-peer electronic cash system has come a long way since then and many proponents have appreciated the project’s accomplishments.

Bitcoin Cash 3rd Anniversary - Global Community Celebration

On the 3rd anniversary of the BTC/BCH fork, Bitcoin Cash City and Satoshi’s Angels have organized an online event for Bitcoin Cash supporters across the world. The event is an opportunity to share your BCH stories with the community. During the live-stream, some influencers/leaders in BCH will share their stories, and we’ll connect to some BCH meetups around the world and see just how they're celebrating the day.

Bitcoin Cash: Scaling the Globe

More than 70 speakers are joining Bitcoin Cash this August 1st for an online conference that aims to chart a path forward towards scaling and mass adoption for the top-5 cryptocurrency.

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